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Wave Home Inspection has helped us out in so many ways! They were so thorough, I didn't even know half the issues existed. Thank you for helping us avoid a huge and costly problem.
David A.
When it comes to their quality, it's second the none. I felt as if I was at ease throughout the entire process. They made me feel like it wasn't the end of the world and provided suggestions, walking me through the entire service. Clarity and understanding are essential to me and that was not a problem for my friends at Wave.
Mira B.
Wave Home Inspection was the right company to choose!
Sam W.
The inspection from Wave was great! They were able to identify issues that I didn’t know about. My house was a ticking time bomb and if it weren't for Wave, my building could have burned down. Thanks to the Wave Inspections team, I am safe.
Ella S.
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